Project Description

Internet Of Things

Using a Raspberry Pi computer and a DHT sensor, you will develop an electronic device that streams temperature and humidity data over the internet. You can program the system in such a way that say whenever the temperature exceeds a certain limit, the device will automatically send a notification!

By building this project you will learn about:

1.IoT – Concepts & Applications

2.Raspberry Pi development platform

3.Data analysis with cloud platform

  • Learn: IoT – an Introduction?
  • Learn: IoT for Weather Monitoring?
  • Review: What is IoT?
  • Learn: What is Raspberry Pi?
  • Do: Raspberry Pi Board
  • Do: Installing OS on your Raspberry Pi
  • Learn: Sensors
  • Learn: Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  • Do: How to work with DHT 11 Sensor
  • Review: How to sense Temperature and Humidity
  • Do: Internet Sharing from PC to Raspberry Pi
  • Do: Setup SSH connection using Putty
  • Do:Remote server access using VNC server

Do: Tools and Applications – An Introduction

Do: An Introduction

  • Learn: An Introduction
  • Do: Installation in Raspberry Pi
  • Do: Send simple Gmail – Python Programming
  • Do: Connecting DHT 11 sensor with Raspberry Pi
  • Do: Programming the Raspberry Pi for IOT
  • Do: Testing the IoT device
  • Do: Upload final project video and get certificate